Each month during our season, presentations about shells or related nature topics are made by qualified experts, who show visuals and often display some of their "finds". They bring a breadth of knowledge and experience, so a question and answer session follows their program. Refreshments are served and there is an opportunity to interact with the speaker and other attendees. The presentations are free and the public is always welcome.

These seminars begin at 6:00 p.m. and are  held  in January, February, and March in Disseler Hall at the United Church of Marco, 320 N. Barfield Drive, Marco Island.

Seminars for the 2019 season will be:  

January 10, 2019--Rebecca Mensch, Marine Biologist, The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum, Sanibel.   Rebecca’s topic will be The Search for the Live Junonia. It is a fun and eye-catching presentation documenting the lengths (and depths!) to which one must go to find this renowned mollusk.

February 7, 2019-- Joyce Matthys will  speak on the topic  Rediscovering Sea-silk.  Sea-silk is the rare fiber that is spun from the byssus (or silky filaments) of the noble pen shell found in the Mediterranean Sea. Joyce will talk about the history of this “Sea-Silk” in the Mediterranean and of her use of these threads to create an award winning display.

March 7, 2019--TBA