During season, the club conducts weekly workshops,  during which members produce shell art under the direction of table leaders. The projects completed at workshops become the property of the club and are sold to raise money for scholarships and grants. 

Workshop tables will be restructured for the January to March 2023 season, and choices** will be available on the new membership  application and current member renewal forms.   New and returning members will indicate their table preference, first and second choice, when filling out the application form.  The Club will do everything possible to accommodate everyone’s first choice but specific table assignments are not guaranteed. Tables will be filled on a first-come first-served basis as membership fees are paid.

The table leaders research and plan projects for the season, and order the supplies needed to complete them.   All shells, craft and jewelry materials are furnished by the club, but members should bring their own glue guns (7/16” diameter glue sticks are provided).  You may also need scissors, pliers, tweezers, wire cutters, scraping tools, Exacto knife, and assorted specialty tools depending on the table at which you are working. Your table leader will tell you which tools are required. 

Scientific consultation is provided to identify and categorize local shells. Books in artistic and scientific categories are available for loan to members.

 **A list of 2023 workshop tables and the kind of projects produced will be published on this page in late fall.